Monday, June 20, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May recap

Had a great month in May, was pumped up to play cause of SCOOP and general post-DOJ conditions. SCOOP turned out to be a complete non-event, I think I mincashed in maybe 2 of the 'Low' events. Rennie "biceps" Carnevale binked off a 24k score in the $215 6-max; decent life!

Ended up with the following results:

Profit: $18,625
Outlay: 66,204
ABI: $79
MTTs: 851
Final Tables: 33

Also kept track of any score over 4 figs:

MAY Position Tourney Score
3rd 75 6max $2,434
5th 90c Party $2,720
1st 109 6m $5,112
1st 26/8k $2,400
1st $162/50k $14,906
1st 55/10k Party $2,876
3rd party 120 tur $2,030
4th 30quad $1,553
1st $26 turbo $1,860
2nd 20 r FTP $2,775
8th 109/18.5k $1,023
3rd 44 turbo $1,044
2nd 30 r FTP $2,295
1st 129KO $6,500
4th Fuper $2,000
2nd 109/50k $10,004
5th 20 r PS $1,445
5th 30 r FTP $1,175

Pretty stoked to hit two 5 figure scores in the one month (I only have 5 total lifetime), feel like I'm hitting a bit of a groove in the dailies; just need to bink off something big on a Monday! Also managed to win another Triple Crown on Pocketfives; winning 3 three tournaments on different sites in the space of a week :)

Speaking of Monday binks; the one and only Wayne "malleebull" Dever scored massive on the monday just gone! He won the elusive $22 Double Deuce; conquering 10,306 runners and binking the massive payday of $28.6k !!!! Pretty epic...

The world series is starting up which means the games online should be great for the next couple of months, looking forward to grinding hard and making bank.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Grinding post DOJ, decent start to the month

Not going to post about "black friday" (only "black" for US players lol); many people more well versed than me have already written on the subject. Risk had a nice blog post on the subject which you can read here:

Basically US players are unable to play on the three major poker sites (pokerstars/full tilt/ultimate bet) and there had been questions raised over the long-term health of the latter two sites as their traffic is predominantly from the US.

However, this means that in the short term at least, the tournaments online have gotten significantly softer, providing great incentive to grind. SCOOP is currently on at the moment as well. I'm really hoping that I can keep knocking out scores; while the tournaments are smaller, it is also really easy to go deep multiple times a day; for instance last Friday I managed six final tables:

* 1st 109/20k 6m 5.1k
* 1st 26/8k 2.4k
* 3rd 75 6max 2.4k
* 5th 90c party 2.7k
* 7th big double
* 8th 30r/12.5k

... followed by today's binking of my 2nd largest career score online; the stars $162/50k (obligatory screen shot below)

Footy is also going well, I broke a club record kicking ten goals vs Nowra a couple of weeks ago, I'm hoping the boys can kick on and have a great season. Still lacking in fitness and haven't lost much weight, poker really fucks with my sleep patterns and energy levels, especially when the SCOOPs are starting ridiculously early.

Thursday, April 7, 2011



The day when every grinder dreams of binking a big score. The Monday just gone was no exception, being the last day of "Multi-Entry Week" on Full Tilt, with every tournament boasting a triple guarantee.

Unfortunately it proved bitterly disappointing for me, as reported by PokerNetwork:

"Andrew ‘higher wattage’ Watson weaved his way through the 8,613 player PokerStars Sunday Million field, with his deep run coming to a halt just shy of the final table, finishing in 10th place for a $9,129 score."

Probably the worst way to win 9k on a Monday, IMO. (1st was $253,399.23)

I was happy with how I played though, deep in these big fields you run into some real hof fish who can be pushed around (for instance with 18 players left, there were 5 winning players remaining). I ended up busting reshoving pocket fours for 22 big blinds vs an active SB who woke up with pocket tens. Thoughts on coolers?

Anyway I wasn't alone with falling just short of the big bucks, a couple of mates also got their choke on like me! Condolences to Tim 'weygang/gaywang' English came 9th in the MET Sunday Brawl for $19k and Pat 'O Look at Me I'm Fucking' Woodley who didn't quite run as good when it mattered vs some shit eating regs in the 109 MET turbo. He did pull out a pretty hof sledge vs the guy who took all his chips a couple of days later:

Biologist: grats on turbo results the other day pma
pmahoney22: thanks man
Biologist: lol jks fk you luck box

Anyway, I shouldn't complain too much, clearing make up again is a decent result - looking forward to making it a more regular occurrence in the coming month, fingers crossed!

In Footy news, I managed to kick three goals on the weekend (3.2) but was pretty happy with how I played, I am definitely fitter than I have been in previous seasons, and it showed as I was able to really up my defensive pressure and cause some key turnovers through tackles and hip n shoulders. This week we are playing Kiama, and I'm playing 1st grade, which will be a really tough test of where I'm at. Also have new boots plus orthotics which I wore to training last night and they felt really good in terms of reducing the impact on my shins. Hopefully we can bink off another victory in both grades!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eat a Dick Make Up....

Firstly, for all the non-poker people reading this:


1. A negative (or "red") figure that exists as a condition of staking arrangements, especially common for tournament staking.

How it Works

A typical tournament backing deal might be outlined as "50/50 with makeup."

What this means is that the backer, who puts up the money for a player's buyins, agrees to split 50% of the backee's tournament profits but only after previous buyins have been recouped. The amount that needs to be recouped is makeup.

After being roughly 35k in the red a month ago; I have run insanely hot and dug my way out. The graph below shows my overall results for the year as a total of all my accounts, it highlights the downswing and subsequent upswing quite nicely (sum of all accounts is the red line)

On the way down, I will concede that I definitely wasn't playing my 'A' game, it's very easy to show up to play, register, and just go through the motions somewhat; blaming flips/coolers/variance on your results. I am very grateful to all the guys who have looked at hands for me (u know who you are). Also amazing what a little bit of confidence does for your game!

Anyway, would not be a Watto post is it didn't include a bit of brag, so the obligatory screen shot of 109/50k win is below

Also got my 1st game of the footy season today, fairly pumped! I have been doing a fair bit more work/training than usual (i am generally very fucking lazy) but I have recruited a mate of mine to personal train me, as well as doing sessions at footy training. As a result I am a decent whack fitter than usual at this stage of the year, and looking forward to booting a few extra goals from full forward this season. Unfortunately with it comes the earliest flare up of my shin splints (had them for the last 4 years). Been to see the podiatrist though, and got myself new runners/new footy boots/orthotics as well as some "Skins" for my calves which has made a noticeable difference already :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Shippage

Went to Dobscene's last night for New Years, obv I was a lightweight and bailed at 2.30am; too many nude men in the spa obviously!

Came home a bit seedy and proceeded to grind through it with a couple of wins (also got 8th in the turbo hundo and 7th in the 75/23k)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 results/reflections, and 2011 goals

Posted this on pokernetwork, pretty good quick summary of my year.

I think it's safe to say I got a pretty good taste of the highs and lows of grinding MTTs this year. I had always dabbled in MTTs online, though only made the transition to trying to play them full time at the start of this year. I was lucky enough to breakeven for the 1st few months of the year while learning, and had a breakout month in May grabbing something like 40k profit, followed by a 2nd in ANZPT Queenstown in July for 55k $NZD (of which I had 35% of myself).

Sky high in confidence, I was brought pretty quickly back to earth with a -20k downswing almost straight down. Took me the best part of 5 months to get that figure close to even, by this time living expenses/livaments etc had caught up with me and the pressure on my roll became a little too much. Fortunately I was lucky enough to get backed by the baza/RAWKS conglomerate at the start of this month, and have been playing a shitload better since then.

I think the best thing to take from all this is that while is it very easy to blame losing money on tournaments on variance/run bad, you can still stay pro-active in improving your game, something I definitely neglected for a while. With that in mind, goals for 2011:

1) Make enough bank to get unbacked, and successfully keep it that way
2) Multiple 5 figure scores online (or 1 6 figure)
3) Lose 20kg, play 1st grade footy (AFL) again
4) Finish the remaining subjects on my degree, hang it on the wall

Bring on 2011!

PS: also got a nice Christmas present from FTP